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Key Learnings from #StartupIndia Event, New Delhi, Jan 16th, 2016


“Messed Up -is the term which was used when some started a business back then”. These were the words spoken by Mr. Deep Kalra (founder of MakeMyTrip) at the opening statement of Startup India, they echo the sentiment of many people who dared to venture on their own in the 1990’s and early 2000. I must admit I was one of them when I started my first venture in 1996. I was very fortunate to get an...

Startup Resources –Sample Cost Sheet


Image Credit: Many times I have been asked about various resources which can help a startup plan their financials. How to make a business plan, a cash flow statement… etc Starting a new business is exciting, but if you dont manage your cash flows, you might run out of money quickly. So planning from a bottom up approach is essential. Ask yourself how much you need to...

Letting Go !


In the early days of my first startup, I couldn’t afford anyone else. So I did everything on my own, from product development and coding, writing letters, paying the rent, billing, banking, accounting or standing in queues to pay the telephone get the picture. There is nothing wrong in this, most Entrepreneurs have to do all the work themselves when they begin. But as resources increase...

Hiring in a Start-Up !


I wouldn’t call myself a serial entrepreneur yet, but I have tried my hands at a few things, have exited successfully from more than one business which I started. I have been asked to write about the challenges of a startup, so I thought I will do a series of article on that as challenges are different in varying stages of the business. However the most common challenge was of hiring the right...

Shifting Gears – Attention to Detail !


Exactly Fifteen years ago a friend of mine and I got selected to take part in a neighborhood’s club car rally, for a 27 year old this was dream come true. I had just bought a new car from the success of my first business venture and wanted to flaunt it. A car rally was perfect, I started reading about racing, how to manage the clutch, cornering at fast speeds and watched hours of racing videos...

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